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Cognitive knowledge management

Intelligent answers based on a documentary database, extracting data from internal and external sources to provide adequate answers.


This application adds value to customer service centers through the automatic labeling of the entire database of documents, both structured data (ERP, CRM, BD, PDF / DOC, etc.), unstructured data (e-mails) , audio, video, etc.) and cloud systems (Google, Amazon, SalesForce, Office 365, etc) to provide valuable recommendations to the answers offered by operators to their customers.

Cognitive knowledge management is based on the use of leading technologies, services and open source. Its power comes from Newralers' own R & D department and IBM Watson technology.

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Your financing platform, open to all channels with guaranteed reimbursement and guaranteed profitability, including financing by the platform itself.


Finantiare is a financing source, even financing can be obtained from the platform itself. 

The financing operation is guaranteed, without risk, with known and assured profitability, and the platform can even process self-financing.

We connect small manufacturers or suppliers of major brands with investors to finance manufacturing. The SME can obtain financing through any channel: corporate, investor or crowdfunding.

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Smart detection of insurance frauds

This solution solves the problem of increasing claims fraud and, in the medium term, improves customer loyalty with a friendly experience.


This solution allows the detection of claims statments with fraudulent intentions due to false communication, the analysis of the level of veracity of the insured's communication to prevent false positives and detect early warnings analyzing the reported loss.

This application uses customer service chatbots to detect fraud intent and eliminate false positive profiles through interaction with natural language.

Chatbot with speech recognition

Our Artificial Intelligence technology at the service of real-time interaction with the use of natural language to give immediate answers.


This chatbot solution combines machine learning and advanced speech recognition to improve conventional interactive voice response systems, while offering cost savings of 60% to 80% over outsourced call centers.

Smart chatbots allow instant response to a strong increase in customer inquiries. The conversation interface uses natural language understanding to recognize and understand what customers are asking for, initiating a bidirectional dialog to provide answers to the questions from the customers, solving the problems in real time.

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The industrial processes of wine production manage huge amounts of data, which allow Newralers, applying all the artificial intelligence architectures offered by the major players in the market and combined with our Newralengine solution, to obtain applications that improve these processes incredibly.


Newralwine is the business division of Newralers that deals with services to the wine sector. Our artificial intelligence, following its vocation of transversality, expands to production solutions in all areas and services. Newralers has developed specific technology to improve winemaking processes.

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