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“Your financing platform for SMEs”

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Finantiare is a SME financing platform, even financing can be obtained from the platform itself. 

The financing operation is guaranteed, without risk, with known and assured profitability, and the platform can even process self-financing.

We connect small manufacturers or suppliers of major brands with investors to finance manufacturing. The SME can obtain financing through any channel: corporate, investor or crowdfunding.

Finantiare is a SME financing platform, open to all channels with guaranteed reimbursement and guaranteed profitability, including financing by the platform itself.


Many times SMEs have important orders and find that they do not have financing to produce them, they have their credit exhausted in the bank, they do not have invoice to discount or they do not have financing documentation of the order.

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Artificial intelligence to validate the entire process and the associated documentation, as well as their learning capacity for successive project evaluations

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Risk-free operation, as it is backed by CESCE credit insurance that insures and controls risk, thus protecting the investment and the investor, guaranteeing the order and sales financing cycle.


We control all the information and the money flow during the life cycle of the order until the last delivery

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This solution allows SMEs obtain important orders that could not face up due to a lack of liquidity.

The security guarantees for recovering the investment are established via credit insurance that guarantees the collection of the order.

The depository financial entities authorized by the European Central Bank and the Bank of Spain act as a trust and allow to release the money for conditions. An immediate payment is established to the manufacturer with its productive profit margin, upon delivery of the production to the buyer.

Thanks to Finantiare, SMEs will have access to manage vital orders, to which the lack of financing to produce them prevented them from opting, with the consequent generation of wealth in the sector.


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awards 2019

Winners of the 1st prize in EXPANSION StartUp 2019 awards in the “Fintech” category with Finantiare project, which allows SMEs to obtain financing from alternative sources.


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