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Newralwine is the business division of Newralers that deals with services to the wine sector.

Our artificial intelligence, following its vocation of transversality, expands to production solutions in all areas and services.

Newralers has developed specific technology to improve winemaking processes.

The industrial processes of wine production manage huge amounts of data, which allow Newralers, applying all the artificial intelligence architectures offered by the major players in the market and combined with our Newralengine solution, to obtain applications that improve these processes incredibly.

Provinterre (name of the CDTI project) seeks to develop technologies to produce wines of higher quality, adapted to the current needs of the wine sector, through the complete technification of the development and revaluation of the products of the field and winery.

NEWRALERS will develop the project in its facilities located in Málaga. In the project, as well as NEWRALERS, take part the companies LEGARIS S.L. (coordinator) and BIOCOMPOSTAJES ESPAÑOLES S.L.

The execution period is 31 months, from June 2018 to December 2020, it has a global budget of € 1,109,833 and is co-financed by CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) and the European Union (FEDER Funds), through the "Plurirregional Operational Program of Spain 2014-2020". Call FEDER INTERCONECTA 2018.


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- We use the latest technology to offer better results -


First level artificial intelligence for solving non-complex problems with large amounts of data, executing recommendation inference and prediction.

We develop a set of algorithmic processes, with low consumption of resources and with ease of insertion, as an extra process package, in any computational management.


The initial development generated a neuro inspired artificial intelligence, obtained by Neuroinspired Algorithmic Processing Units (NAPU). These NAPUs do not intend to think, but only to solve simple problems that, due to the great magnitude of the data involved in the process, any human intelligence would not have the capacity to manage.


The NAPUs act in the same way as our brain, which develops a specific strategy for each action, respecting the neurologically limited processes and, therefore, applying maximum efficiency with maximum optimization of available resources. Due to this process, we can perform complex calculations that determine cognitive models and their evolution with functional success.


This solution comes to solve different needs detected in the wine sector:

• Due to climate change, temperatures rise, which causes a higher level of sugar, that is, a higher degree of alcohol.

• Decrease the alcoholic strength of the wine and control its malolactic maceration.

• Control sulfur.

• Implement new technologies to increase the quality of wines.


• Decrease the alcoholic strength of the wine without quality reduction or loss of flavor.

• Control of the evolution of wine quality.

• Control of the transformation of malic acid into lactic acid.

• Sulfur control.

• Control of wine evolution during the winemaking process with Artificial Intelligence system.


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