- Who we are and what we do -

Newralers is born from the management’s vision of the future: a World where the artificial intelligence is applied to get real benefits for companies and people.

The company is a leader in artificial intelligence applications able to understand natural human language, to extract data from it and to relate to real persons speaking that language acting natural. The potential market of this technology is almost endless.

The team members have created tools based on technologies that emulate the neurological functions of our brain for years, always looking for revolutionary solutions for persistent problems, simulating the procedures that our brains execute. The corporate policy is to persist the research and development for solutions of relevant and defined problems in any business scope.

In January 2017 the company from which Newralers emerged won the CiberEmprende contest organized by INCIBE (Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute) with the project named Prevention of fraud in payment and credit transactions and detection of false claims.

In November 2017, the company was selected to incorporate to the Cybersecurity StartUp International Accelerator Cybersecurity Ventures set up by INCIBE (Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute) with the SINISTER FRAUD INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT project.

In some developments we use the technology provided by WATSON as IBM Business Partner   

Provinterre persigue desarrollar tecnologías para elaborar nuevos vinos de mayor calidad, adaptados a las necesidades actuales del sector vitivinícola, mediante la tecnificación completa de la elaboración y la revalorización de los subproductos de campo y bodega.

NEWRALERS desarrollará el proyecto en sus instalaciones situadas en Málaga. En el proyecto además de NEWRALERS, participan las empresas LEGARIS S.L. (coordinador) y BIOCOMPOSTAJES ESPAÑOLES S.L.

El plazo de ejecución es de 31 meses, desde Junio de 2018 hasta Diciembre del 2020, cuenta con un presupuesto global de 1.109.833 € y es cofinanciado por CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) y la Unión Europea (Fondos FEDER), a través del “Programa Operativo Plurirregional de España 2014-2020”. Convocatoria FEDER INTERCONECTA 2018.


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In Newralers we are able to implement a functional application using our NAPUs in a reduced time of development. We also have the experience to apply this knowledge in any productive area in an effective way in a short period of time. We have successfully developed our own technology during the last three years and now we are leading research and development projects shared with several universities.

Our computational engine can be added to any software or used in any execution process, so this basic level inference for recommendation and prediction can be useful to improve any process, and being of first level and with a low consumption of resources, can perform its function at very low cost, becoming a practical solution for the improvement of any software process.

We have a business model that is completely suitable to the needs of our clients, adapting to their needs for payment methods and their delivery requirements easily. Currently, all our services can be provided in Cloud mode, although they can reside in-house. We can provide services in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode or with the granting of licenses.


- What we offer -

Artificial Intelligence

First-level artificial intelligence for solving problems with a large amount of data.

Big Data

Analysis of a large amount of data to extract previously unknown interesting patterns.

Virtual assistants

Automated customer service centers to offer operators valuable recommendations.


- We use new technology to rise the best results -


First-level artificial intelligence for solving non-complex problems with large amounts of data, executing recommendation and prediction inference.

We develop a set of algorithmic processes, with low consumption of resources and with ease of insertion, as an extra process package, in any computational management.


The initial development generated a neuroinspired artificial intelligence, obtained by Neuroinspired Algorithmic Processing Units (NAPU). These NAPUs do not pretend to think, but only solve simple problems that, due to the great magnitude of the data involved in the process, any human intelligence would not have the capacity to manage.


The NAPUs act in the same way as our brain, which develops a specific strategy for each action, respecting the neurologically limited processes and, therefore, applying maximum efficiency with maximum optimization of available resources. Due to this process, we can perform complex calculations that determine cognitive models and their evolution with functional success.


- Tell us your problem and we will propose the best solution -

Cognitive knowledge management

Intelligent answers based on a documentary database, extracting data from internal and external sources to provide adequate answers.

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Smart detection of insurance frauds

This solution solves the problem of increasing claims fraud and, in the medium term, improves customer loyalty with a friendly experience.



Blockchain is a technology that allows the reliable and secure realization of any type of transaction between people without the need of intermediaries through the Internet. .


Chatbot with speech recognition

Our artificial intelligence technology at the service of real-time interaction with the use of natural language to give immediate answers.



The industrial processes of wine production manage huge amounts of data, which allow Newralers, applying all the artificial intelligence architectures offered by the major players in the market and combined with our Newralengine solution, to obtain applications that improve these processes incredibly.



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